Welcome to Kasese!

Last Wednesday morning, eight of us from ACODEV set out from Kampala for a 7ish hour drive (~220 miles) to Kasese.

uganda map

Since we had arrived very late in the night to Kampala and had stayed within the city for the previous two days, this was my first time seeing any of the landscape. Though so very dusty, the dirt paints the roads with a beautiful deep orange/red color. Along the way, we saw miles of tea fields, goats and cows, baboons chasing our car, and luscious green landscapes. We hopped out of the car to stretch our legs and snack on some Gonga (roasted banana) in a town called Mubende, which was about the halfway point.

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For lunch, we stopped in a town called Fort Portal that is known as a tourist destination in Western Uganda. In it, you are able to find Western foods and coffee shops. Not being able to resist, me and my American co-fellow unknowingly waited just about 45 minutes for a Ugandan-style “cheeseburger” which was such a treat. As an interesting tidbit, we passed an Islamic mosque built by Libya’s Muammar Kaddafi and I learned that he had taken an interest in Uganda (perhaps from a romance!?) and had built this and a large mansion for one of the local tribal Kings.

As we arrived closer to Kasese, you could see the peaks of the Rwenzori mountains (aka mountains of the moon) hiding beneath the clouds. I am fortunate to be living so close to natural treasures such as these mountains, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale National Park, Lake George, and Lake Edward (borders the DRC). Upon arriving at our new home, we explored our spacious, furnished 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom house settled just about a 15 minute walk from ACODEV’s regional office in Kasese.


And so our adventure begins…


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